The Rohingya murders: Which famous American actor’s French voice Theory Tesros?

The Rohingya murders: Which famous American actor's French voice Theory Tesros?

He is the most active actor in the dubbing of Theory Tesros, starring in the telefilm Meurtres à Rocamadour, which aired on France 3 from 10:45 pm on Saturday, January 8, 2022. Télé Star reveals to you which famous American actor he gave voice to.

Viewers who are fans of detective films will be in paradise on Saturday 8th January 2022. that day, France3 Will rebroadcast Murders in Rogamotor, From 10:45 p.m.. The fiction, worn by Clementine Celery, first aired on a public channel in 2014. At the time, This TV movie has been found by over 4 million viewers, Which, according to Médiamétrie’s statistics, represents 16.8% of the audience, aged 4 and over. Within this chapter of the package The murders that took place in …, Clementine Célarié replied Grégori Derangère, Gaëlle Bona, Antoine Michel, Steve Kalfa, but also Theory Tesros.

Born 1960 in Aix-en-Provence. The actor, who is of Martinique descent, has a good career behind him, Whether in cinema, whether on television, whether in theater. In the early 80s, Thierry Tesros began his acting career, appearing in several films such as: You’re more beautiful than me, you’re going to die with your head in your pocket. But police. On the small screen, He plays the role of the groom in the cult series Palace, Before embarking on one of the main characters of detective fiction PJ, In which he will play 75 episodes until 2006. After that, Theory Tesros will appear in a series of television fiction: Secrets of the Volcano, Women of the Law, Big Leagues, Or even Research Division.

Theory Tesros: A benchmark in the world of dubbing in France

Continues to appear on smaller ones as well as on the big screen, However, the actor was very good at dubbing So far throughout his life. Thanks to his voice, Thierry Tesros has doubled the number of actors since his inception, Chief among them was Samuel L. Jackson. In fact, since he revealed the official French voice of Thierry Tesros American superstar Pulp Fiction In 1994. for many years, The French comedian has lent his voice to the Hollywood actor in at least 75 films. Samuel L. In addition to Jackson, Theory Tesros has voiced Wesley Snipes in 26 films and Cuba Gooding Jr. in 15 films. The French actor has lent his voice to other actors: Lawrence Fishburn, Forrest Whittaker, Dennis Hesbert, Harry Lennix, Terry Cruise, Keith David, Eric La Soulle, Ernie Hudson, Tony Todd, Andre Brocker, Delroy Lindo and Joe Morto.

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