Sophie Marcio, 55, moves to the United States after a great love affair

Sophie Marcio, 55, moves to the United States after a great love affair

In a relationship with drama director Richard Kylat, Sophie Marcio would have known happiness at the age of 55. Today, it is heading towards the United States. Details in this case were provided.

In early January, the magazine France Dimance was curious about the fiance’s fiance, saying that he would have met a great love at the age of 55, at the same place he did not expect it.

“Unrequited love from 2020 has not said its last word. But since last summer, there have been rumors of tensions within the couple, ”the weekly magazine said, before saying a little more about the happiness.

This is his position as the preferred personality of the French, according to the JDD survey.
This is the third time in a row. “In view of such a referendum, the flame does not seem to be extinguished,” the release commented.

But the latest news from Public Magazine was that it was going to the United States. This is for the need of a shoot.
After many months of synestrosis, the publication notes, “immersing ourselves in humor will bring us the greatest benefit.”

The actress actually finds “I Love America, Fourteen Years After the LOL Box, Director Lisa Azuvelos”.
“The story of a mother who goes to live in LA in the hope of seeing love again. We are already preparing a popcorn.

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