Renata Vorkova left Australia after her visa was revoked

Renata Vorkova left Australia after her visa was revoked

Czech tennis player Renata Vorakova left Australia on Saturday after her visa was revoked for health reasons, government sources said. Vorakova, 38, was locked up in the same detention center as Serbian Novak Djokovic, who was banned from entering the country a week before the Australian Open due to a vaccine condition.

The doubles specialist had returned to Australia without any problems with his medical exemption and had time to play in a match (first round defeat). But in the wake of Djokovic’s case, the exemptions were reconsidered and the player’s visa – which he entered the territory six months ago after contracting Kovit-19 disease – was revoked.

“I’m in a room, I can not go anywhere”

Trapped in the same hotel in Serbia, he described his living conditions to reporters in his country on Friday. “I’m in a room, I can not go anywhere”, She had announced. “There are guards everywhere, including under my window. It’s so weird. They might have thought I was going to jump and run., She said “I feel like I’m in prison”.

She boarded a long-haul flight from Australia this Saturday morning. The Serbian, who has appealed against the decision to be expelled, will present his arguments on Monday and try to stay in the region and the title holder will receive recognition for playing his first Grand Slam of the season.

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