Greg Popovich is an incredible boxer of his own players

NBA Gregg Popovich en interview

Aside from a character in the NBA landscape, Gregg Popovich is also known for his sometimes very wild travels. To the San Antonio coach, anyone can pay, including their own players. This is what happened during the Sixers’ defeat.

With 15 wins from 23 defeats, Spurs are certainly not the stronghold of the Western Conference in 2021-22. Significantly, the Texans are in the race for the playoffs more precisely in the play-in-tournament (100). However, this is very fair against the league leaders, and it is not surprising that they often bowed out against Philadelphia (119-100).

On the other hand, given the current situation, no one expects a record from them Joel Empide and Fashion Wild Chamberlain In the opposite camp. In fact, he went to San Antonio Pennsylvania with a completely extinct staff. Something to encourage anyone, even Greg Popovich! Prior to the meeting, the renowned coach was rarely disappointed in front of journalists’ microphones:

A non-existent stunt in San Antonio against the Sixers

Greg Popovich, Spurs coach, will start against the Sixers: “I do not even know half of their names”.

The most spicy phrase of the sorcerer who was not in his first attempt at the field. In this case, his frustration is understandable, however, due to the absence of all his executives at this time. Among those who are not, Derrick White, Thaddeus Young, Zack Collins, Devin Vaasal … many important elements are not on this list, but already not very talented in the league.

As a result, Bob’s real strangers had to be thrown into the deep end. If names like Joshua Primo, Jack Landell or Joe Wiscombe did not ring the bell, it would not be surprising. And on the face of it, if Philly Tobias can trust its holders, including Harris and Seth Curry, it will soon turn into a carnage game … Clearly, there is something to complain about Spurs.

Greg Popovich has been playing witch lately and it’s not easy to do. Even less when the available skills are less … Achieving Play-in will already be a great achievement for Texans.

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