Austin Martin: Doubts about his defense and his batting power

Austin Martin: Doubts about his defense and his batting power

When Blue Jays placed Austin Martin fifth in the 2020 auction, they knew they had got a player. The same was true when he went to Minnesota on a contract that sent Jose Ferrios to Toronto.

After missing the 2020 season due to an epidemic, Martin came under pressure in 2021 by advancing straight to AA. He didn’t do badly at bat, but he wasn’t perfect either.

In this case, Jim Kallis, MLB’s trust expert, made some reservations about the young man.

It falls into two stages: batting power and defensive play. These two features have its crust to eat more of hope.

The expert hates that Martin maintained an energy average of just 382 in 93 games and had only five home runs. He is still young, but it is doubtful that it will be removed in 2021.

Defensively, the expert considers that Martin has no hand to play on the left side of the infield. He sees it more in the second floor or center field, but again he says he might be better on the left field.

He said it would put pressure on his stick.

Kallis, who has seen others under the age of 21, expects he to reach the average by 2022.

Apparently, there is no shortage of hopes for a year due to an epidemic. This could have affected Martin, who is considered a great prospect in Minneapolis, and he could very easily get back on his feet.

However, it does not appear to have been sold to Martin because he could have been transferred to a larger jug.

Yes, 2022 will be a big year for Martin. To capture his place among the twins he must show what is in the body.

So no, that does not mean Blue Jazz traded the right person. He’s still young, but he has things to work on, that’s for sure.

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