With omicron, system

With omicron, system

Driven by the Omigran variant, Govt infections are on the rise in Australia. There were 47,695 new cases on January 4, up from 1,706 on December 2! Conclusion: The population rushes to the most testing centers. Authorities are therefore taking steps to reduce the number of PCR tests in particular.

With the wave of last variation, Govt experiments in Australia, especially PCR, are experiencing real urgency. Thus, the rows grow proportionally, as is the delay in obtaining the results. The system is completely overflowing.

In an effort to stop the flow, the government is encouraging people to be tested only if symptoms occur. Antigenic tests are positive and will no longer be copied by PCR.


Message sent to Sydney to Australians who are testing en masse in response to the wave of Omigron variation.

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“We agreed today to remove the need for a PCR test to confirm the positive Rapid antigen test result, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison explains. So you have a contact case and a quick antigen test and if it is positive, you do not have to do a PCR test to confirm it. This will reduce the pressure in the PCR test chain.


Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

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The head of government of Canberra reminded that if the 1st antigen test is negative for travelers coming from abroad, the 2nd test is no longer needed.

Because antigenic tests are rarely even started. New South Wales has ordered millions, most of which are expected to arrive by next weekend.

New South Wales Assistant Secretary of Health Susan Pierce describes the target audience: “We intend to distribute these Rapid antigen tests to PCR testing centers for people to access at this point. Another thing to highlight is that we have already distributed them to the medical services of vulnerable people, the homeless, people in refugee areas and tribals.


Susan Pierce, Assistant Secretary of Health for New South Wales


Hospital skills, tests … Although they want to be optimistic, Australian authorities are engaged in a real race against time against the Omigron variant that causes pollution records.

Report by Bruno Chad, Mary-Odell Poyzard and Oliver Carnival:

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