The creator agrees that he took an idea from a very popular French movie!

The creator agrees that he took an idea from a very popular French movie!

And Desperate housewives Eight seasons turned into cults, and fans will no doubt suspect that the American series was heavily influenced by a popular French film.

Repeat eight seasons, and repeatedly on TV or platforms, Desperate housewives Received the title of Worship Series. Broadcast between 2004 and 2012, fiction became a real social phenomenon during that time. for many years, Desperate housewives For example, the stars were injured in the shooting or creator Mark Cherry has revealed some of his secrets such as whether his own mother was too inspired to imagine female characters. But the 59-year-old American producer and screenwriter has yet to reveal everything Desperate housewives, Who can come back to the screen with an amazing idea.

Comment The wonderful rule of Amelie Pauline Impressed Desperate housewives

During an interview about Season 2 of his new series, Why do women kill, View on M6 from Thursday, January 6, Mark Cherry Definitely returned Desperate housewives. In particular the popular voice over of the series by the character of Mary-Alice Young, the dead neighbor of the four heroines. He revealed where he got this idea for his re-use in Season 2 Why kill women. “It’s true that I like voiceovers. I have not used this process since Desperate housewives, I can not wait to do it again. But I think I will never do it again in any case or there really has to be an artistic reason. I watch a lot of series and movies and it affects me a lot. The voice of Mary-Alice Desperate housewives Inspired by the movie The wonderful rule of Amelie Pauline. I found this to allow the introduction of stories of secondary characters or stories of the past, for example “, Agreed Mark Cherry.

Mark Cherry: “I confess my guilt today”

According to the producer, he was not the only one affected by Jean-Pierre Junett’s famous film in the United States: “That’s when I started writing Desperate housewives And, I have to admit, I flew right and left. It’s funny, I knew it was created by Brian Fuller Pushing daisies, And most affected The wonderful rule of Amelie Pauline. The critics noticed it but no one said anything Desperate housewives, Therefore, I confess my guilt today. I really liked this movie and I guess I didn’t do it The wonderful rule of Amelie Pauline, But it showed me the strength of the voice, but it also showed the style of telling this story. It is also the job of a teacher to express the views of others and to make them their own.

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