NFL: Tampa Bay receiver splits from Antonio Brown

NFL: Tampa Bay receiver splits from Antonio Brown

Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown breaks contract “With immediate effect”, He is accused of injuring himself and forcing him to play against the New York Jets this Thursday, Sunday.

In the middle of a match, without an explanation, Brown abruptly left the field, and coach Bruce Arians said. “More a Book”. Brown, 33, claims that he was pressured to play and that he had to take NFL non – prescription painkillers to avoid having bone fragments in his ankle, and that the player did not complain about it before or during the game.

Brown has only played one game this season

The Bowl winner for his first season with Tampa Bay last year, Brown played only one game in two months (previous week) due to his ankle, but the medical staff thought he was ready. Brown’s future was already uncertain because Buchanan had accused him of fabricating a fake vaccine in December. But the team has no alternative to their position.

Shortly before being fired, Brown shared on social media his text messages with Tom Brady, Arians and Team Star nutritionist. The player finally publicly apologizes to his teammates and Brady, who removes any responsibility in the case.

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