Evan Fournier avec les Knicks de New York

Magistrate, Fournier Madison Square Garden was converted and Nix won

The Frenchman was superb, scoring 41 points during Nix’s victory over Boston (108-105) on Thursday night.

Majestic. He melted Madison Square Garden: Evan Fornier broke his own record for points (41) and allowed shots from behind Arc (10) to knock New York out of Boston (108-105) after Thursday’s 25 count in the NBA.

Recently, the competitions have been following each other and are not the same as winning the silver medal with the Blues at the Tokyo Games last summer. Dec. In the defeat against Oklahoma City on the 31st, he was limited to three points, and he lost the next game to Toronto by 20 units.

Zero pointed out on Tuesday that it was undoubtedly irritating and vindictive

On Tuesday, he was also a bench assistant for his popular win over Indiana in the last quarter, with a rare zero point in scoring. Definitely disappointed, and remembering that the Celtics did him so well (32 points) for his first game in New York jersey at the start of the championship, he showed the pride and demonstration of a luxury he had never heard of. Seasons.

Jason Tott (36 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds) was the only one to float to the Knicks’ side for the three-quarters in this meeting, which was long overdue by Boston. But the Frenchman saved the best of the last, and at the same pace, his teammates got up like Julius Rand (22 points, 8 rebounds).

Fournier, who scored 7 baskets in the jersey in April 2021, had his previous personal best of three points in the first time (99-98) in two minutes.

Almighty Ivan

In this last quarter, he scored 13 points, bringing his total to 41. Nine was better than his previous record, four times. “Obviously I don’t have consistency at this point. But I don’t think I’re performing well in my first game here, it was already against the Celtics,” Fournier commented hotly.

The last two minutes were not his, however, and Tatum equalized 1.5 seconds from the buzzer of the icy mid-distance shoot (105-105). Very short time, but the chance for victory that existed just minutes before RJ Barrett (13 points) soared and freed New York from a three-point shot was impossible. As a result, the Knicks finished 10th in Boston East.

In the West, the Warriors, at very low rotation, had Stephen Curry and Tremond Green at rest, conceding their second consecutive loss on New Orleans ground (101-96). If the Phoenix beat the Los Angeles Clippers in the evening, it would be the worst performance they could get in the first place. Golden State executioner Brandon Ingram (32 points, 11 points, 6 assists) relied on Andrew Wiggins (21 points) to break the long-distance address (7/33).

Memphis, on the other hand, won easily at the expense of Detroit (118-88) with a solid 4th, seventh consecutive win, thanks to Ja Morant’s even more remarkable match (22 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists) and a modest contribution off the bench (5 points, 5 rebounds). ). Opposite, Gillian Hayes is very sensible (5 points, 2 assists).

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