Leonard Comet India: Astronomical Photographer Leonard Comet Amazing Photo: Leonard Comet Amazing Photo

Leonard Comet India: Astronomical Photographer Leonard Comet Amazing Photo: Leonard Comet Amazing Photo


  • The spectacular image of the comet Leonard crossing the Earth is recorded on camera
  • With a large tail of reddish-green and blue, he saw the light spreading.
  • Leonard’s comet was discovered on January 3 last year by astronomer Gregory J. Discovered by Leonard.

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The photo of giant comet Leonard walking close to Earth is going viral on social media. In this picture you can see Leonard scattering green, blue and red lights. Arizona astronomer Andrew McCarthy of Arizona, USA, waited for hours on his camera to record this picture. This comet orbits the sun very fast.

Leonard is the comet It was discovered by astronomer Gregory J. Leonard on January 3 last year at the Mount Lemon Infrared Laboratory in Arizona. NASA has listed this comet as C / 2021 AI. Since its discovery, the comet has been rapidly approaching both the Sun and Earth at 160,000 miles per hour.

Video: Leonard Comet, closest to Earth, photographed by Chinese telescope for 70,000 years
The comet came very close to Earth on December 12
The comet came very close to Earth on December 12. The distance between the Earth and this comet was then measured at 21.6 million miles (34.9 million km). Then on January 3rd it went very close to the sun. The distance between the Sun and that comet at that time was 57.2 million miles (92 million km). This comet is now leaving our solar system and will never be seen again by those on Earth.

Video: For the first time in 70,000 years, NASA saw the ‘green tail’, the comet Leonard come close to Earth.
Photographer McCarthy Photo of Leonard Comet Shared it on his Instagram account. McCarthy said he shot this comet close up for about 12 minutes, even though it was very low in the southwest sky. After that I saw the incredible texture and color around the nucleus of this comet. He said the distance of this comet was too great to see with the naked eye. For this I used a telescope.

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Comet Leonard India: The green comet Leonard is about to approach Earth, the first time in 70,000 years
The green color is revealed by the ice
Gianriko Flaccione, a planetary scientist at the Institute of Space Astrophysics and Planetology in Rome, said the green color of the comet’s tail caused it to evaporate. That vapor meets the dust around its nucleus. He explained that the comet’s gases are trapped in the ice at its core and are emitted as the comet approaches the Sun.

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