Exclusive. Police fired “dozens of times” in Ponderier: several arrests

Exclusive.  Police fired "dozens of times" in Ponderier: several arrests

The generally quiet area near Ponderlier, near the fire station, suddenly turned into an open-air shooting station at 7:30 pm on Thursday night … the greatest violent scene worthy of an American film, this is our information. A brief chase would have erupted between a powerful German car and a police patrol.

It was then that they tried to return to a dead end, and the fugitives would have sued the police, who would have collided head-on with their vehicle. Fearing for their lives, the police, determined to protect the situation, opened fire “dozens of times”. Eastern Republican Party.

Use of submachine guns

Everything actually started in Switzerland, just before 7pm. A car was stolen in Neuchâtel by several armed and masked men. “After about ten minutes, an emergency police team found the suspicious car and wanted to check it out,” says Yves Cellier, adapting to the situation.

Trying to escape, the driver of the fleeing car “severely assaulted the staff. Police then used their weapons, especially their submachine guns, in the direction of the offenders’ vehicle, ”the DDSP said. According to the first elements, only the police opened fire, although their attackers were also armed.

No injuries were reported

Surprisingly, no injuries are obviously to be regretted. “Several people have been arrested and are being held in police custody on our premises,” the director of the department said in a statement. Yves Cellier “should pay tribute to the coolness and professionalism of the police officers who were able to arrest these criminals. It seems experienced and determined in any case.”

On the spot, he assured the agents of the Technical and Scientific Police in charge of conducting the first ballistic observations that the night would be long. Especially in the hood, the car, which had been punctured by bullets, was brought back to a safe place for interrogation.

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