Escape to a luxury hotel in London

Escape to a luxury hotel in London
By Laurent Collin | 11:26 am on 01/07/2022 | Updated on 01/07/2022 at 11:56 pm

This weekend, what if you were ordered to drink one or two margaritas at the bar of this new hotel … a harsh punishment you could not find?

The original question was, “How can a district court and a prison cell be turned into a luxury hotel that meets the needs of the American hotel chain NoMad?”

The answer is beautiful. The transformation of this former 19th-century blockade center was planned by EPR architects and interior design studios Roman and Williams.

If roomsNomate Hotel Thoughtfully decorated and decorated (we dream of a sentence closer to life), it is a three-story atrium that is not overlooked by a large glass roof that will captivate you during your visit. In this unique dining room in London, the plants overflow the balconies and the green tones bring energy and inner serenity.

Luxury rooms at the new NoMad Hotel in London
Photo: NoMad Londres – Covent Garden

Stamp of a French artist in Covent Garden

The historic District Court was renovated into a ballroom, with murals signedArtist Claire Bassler Famous for floral paintings exhibited around the world for about thirty years.

Born in Vincennes, this French woman has the real gift of reviving the breath of nature. One can guess that the warmth of the air and the sun mingled with the scent of the undergrowth that the prisoners had brutally plundered.

In the kitchen, we can not wait to taste the little dishes prepared by chef Ashley Apothecary coming straight from Los Angeles. It emphasizes the richness of local and regional products, with the wine list being classic and focusing more on English grape cultivation.

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