Changing the color of a car at the push of a button is no longer science fiction

Changing the color of a car at the push of a button is no longer science fiction

Both black and white are the best-selling colors, coming in gray and then blue. This car is suitable for those who do not decide, because it can be white, black or in the middle. Has put it forward BMW at el CES 2022, As well as other technological and electronic inventions Manufacturers and developers reveal one of the most important points Calendar of international exhibitions or exhibitions each year.

The car is called BMW iX Flow, And what allows you Changing color is big news. Everything related to the most recent electric model of the house is original Bavaria, Creates a special attraction Las Vegas.

How does the car’s color change system work?

Just press a button. Interesting thing to understand though How this transformation is achieved. BMW has covered its electric SUV with E Ink, This is what is being used on the screens of e-books used by thousands of people.

About Micro capsules the thickness of a wrapper human hair with millions of electronic inks. Each of those capsules will be filled Negatively charged white pigments and positive black pigments. Thus, an electric field will accumulate white or black pigments on the surface of the micro capsules depending on the selected selection.

Why can a white car owner paint it black?

The answer is almost automatic. For the season of the year it will be, For example. Yes In summer the car will be white and it will reject the heat of the sun’s rays, Helps to heat the interior to a lower temperature. On the contrary, In winter, a black car absorbs the heat generated by the sun, Allows to heat the interior quickly and easily, so a Green because it requires less energy To generate heat.

It may have other applications as well, How to change the color for sEasy to find in some situations, At night or vice versa, darkness is best detected on a path during the day.

Electrophoretic technology is also energy efficient, Only from the current Need to jump from one color to another. For now, your application is included Advanced research and design phase, And it is not intended to be incorporated into a series product.

But there is something hopeful and innovative in the words Frank Weber, Development Leader BMW: “In the future, digital experiences will not be limited to screens. The fusion of real and virtual will be more and more. With the BMW iX Flow, we revitalize the body.

For now, the system is only developed in these two colorsBut as technologies grow, the second question comes without much thought: how long does it take to choose a color from a vast color palette?

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