Who do you want to be my partner?  : Anthony Bourbon, 34 Who is the millionaire?

Who do you want to be my partner? : Anthony Bourbon, 34 Who is the millionaire?

Anthony Bourbon, 34, made his fortune with his nutrition brand Feed. He will also be one of the new investors to appear in Season 2 “Who Wants to Be My Partner?” On the M6, it starts on Wednesday.

Anthony Bourbon, born in Bordeaux in 1988, reveals growing up in a poor family with a violent father. When the parents divorce at a young age, the young man copes with his mother’s depression and asks her to leave the house. “I don’t have a classic background in this environment because I come from a poor family, my father was violent and I found myself on the street when I was 16,” he said in an interview. Leisure TV.

Anthony Bourbon is very upset by the situation, but angry at so much injustice. “I felt a lot of disgust. That misunderstanding only added to the frustration of not understanding all of these injustices I was going through. I could not control this desire for revenge and vengeance,” he continued. The meeting that changed his life.

“This is the first time someone has given me a compassionate look and said, ‘You have to win, I believe in you.’ This outward perspective has allowed me to concentrate my energy on positive things.

Talented entrepreneur, thirty-year-old young millionaire, Anthony Bourbon has no desire to stand there. According to him, it is a question of continuing to advance at the same level as the best Chinese or American companies. He wants to “put merit again in the heart of French society.” “Unfortunately in France today, there is a lot of inequality. 1% of entrepreneurs have done it alone. My goal is to create a revolution. Let the people from below take their destiny back into their own hands,” he assures us.

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