What is important for mental health? .. Answer in two words

What is important for mental health? .. Answer in two words

According to the American Psychological Association, pleasure Self-esteem The high is important Positive mental health and well-being, This is because it helps individuals develop coping skills, deal with adversity, and put negatives forward.

High self-esteem is also associated with social behaviors such as generosity, empathy, regression and supportive family relationships. The decision-making process In individuals, by having a positive view of themselves and their potential.

A study of college students with higher self-esteem and more loving relationships with their families found that they were more successful at school and better able to live in a new environment.

But what factors affect low self-esteem and self-esteem for many?

This is one of the basic human motives behind the hierarchies of needs explained by the famous psychologist Abraham MaslowRather, it is an inherent need within every human being to receive compliments from others with inherent self-esteem, which can lead to self-realization.

However, factors that affect self-esteem vary from person to person, including age, illness, physical abilities, and socioeconomic status, but clinical psychologist and psychiatrist David Sussman views life experiences as the most important factor.

“Our experiences often form the basis of our overall self-esteem,” he says. “Those who continue to receive high ratings from negative reviews from family and friends tend to have lower self-esteem than those who receive unconditional positive reviews.

The most important symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of low self-esteem in people is the feeling of losing control and control over their lives or what is happening to them, to the extent that they are unable to make any change in their lives.

On the other hand, they are overwhelmed with anxiety and self-doubt after making any decision, fearing that they have made the wrong decision, and questioning their opinions to the extent of accepting what others think rather than sticking to their own choices.

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, low self-esteem was directly related to the inability to accept or benefit from the compliments of others because they did not have a positive opinion of themselves because they were over-focused. Flaws rather than their strengths.

Another common symptom of low self-esteem is pleasing people at their own expense in order to attract attention from the outside.

Self-esteem techniques

To improve self-esteem, Drs. According to David Sussman, people need to practice some strategies that will help them raise their self-esteem and self-esteem, the most important of which are:

Reward yourself for achievements.

Self-forgiveness for mistakes.

Accept yourself with all the flaws and imperfections.

Think of yourself as a friend.

Replace negative internal speech.

Accept compliments.

Use Thanksgiving Blog to document positive things.

Keep a plan to implement small changes.

Finally, seek the support and help of others.

Moreover, it may take a long time to practice what has been mentioned before, highlighting the positive difference, which reflects the improvement in the quality of the relationship that binds man to himself, which gives him flexibility, hope, compassion, encouragement and love. For the rest of his life.

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