Tyler Madzek is proud to send Freddie Freeman to Atlanta

Tyler Madzek is proud to send Freddie Freeman to Atlanta

Ever since Freddie Freeman won his first World Series with the Atlanta Braves last October, there have been rumors that all the stars are considering going to other skies, with nowhere else to play.

Gradually the plant was activated and some clubs were mentioned. The latest news on the subject, which came out in December, indicates that Freeman and Braves are behaving more than previously thought.

Nonetheless, Tyler Matsek stands out and identifies. Braves Pitcher reckons his teammate will play again for the team that created him in 2007. Sports Radio for Atlanta, Matzek explained what made him think so.

“I hope he can deal with it. I think Freddie will be back. At least I’m sure he’s back. I mean what he means to Atlanta. He’s come here, won the World Series, graduated to this city, so it’s time to pay him back. I think. “

– Tyler Matzek

The 31-year-old left-handed judges, who knew he could not make an impact in the final decision, however, rightly said, the situation was “out of hand”. [son] Control “.

Both Braves and Freddie Freeman have publicly expressed their desire to make a new deal, but negotiations will not end under the current major baseball strike.

Freeman, who was voted Nationals MVP in the short season in 2020, has hit 300 this season, adding 31 home runs and 83 RBIs. If he does not return to Atlanta, he will be a huge asset to the team that keeps him under contract – who can buy it.

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