The MLB lockout is in the shadow of the Yankees healing their players

The MLB lockout is in the shadow of the Yankees healing their players

New York – Major Baseball Lockout, DJ Lemahiu, Aaron Hicks, Jameson Dylan and Darren O’Day have darkened the New York Yankees’ recovery progress after surgery.

Recovering from a May 26 practice to repair a torn ligament in his left wrist, Hicks maintained a .265 batting average in 12 games in the Dominican Republic Winter League at the end of November and December.

On October 12, Lemahiu underwent surgery to cure a sports hernia. On October 28, Dylan underwent a ligament repair knife in his right ankle, while O’Day underwent left thigh surgery on July 21. On the same day, Tim Locastro’s right anterior cruciate ligament was repaired.

“I have no connection with them, so I do not know,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone told a news conference Wednesday to discuss his coaches.

Major league baseball teams have been asked not to contact players on their 40-player list and have removed all their pictures from websites.

The baseball lockout began on December 1, when the collective agreement expired. Boone did not expect the Yankees to evaluate the players until the end of the strike. It is also not certain if the spring camp will start on February 16th as planned.

“As December 1 approached, we tried to put our coaches in the best position in terms of our coaches, conducting conversations and making plans,” Boone said. They have plans to follow, which I hope will be in good condition once deployed, but we have no connection. “

Among Poon’s 11 coaches are newcomers Louise Rojas, third bat, Travis Chapman, first floor, Dillon Lawson as batting coach, his assistants Eric Chavez and Casey Dykes and Desi Trussell, assistant to pitching coach.

Returning staff include Carlos Mendoza, Matt Blake, Mike Harkey, Daner Swanson and Brett Weber.

Lawson has spent the past three seasons as the Yankees’ minor hitting coordinator.

“He made a huge impact on our organization in small teams,” Boone said. This is also one of the unfortunate things about Lockout, which cannot continue to build these relationships with players. Before the lockout began, we loaded him aboard and he was ready to develop those relationships with the soldiers. He was able to hold meaningful sessions and conversations. “

Chavez, who won six Golden Gloves as the third pacer, is expected to hold an interesting role beyond his title as assistant batting coach.

“He has a very good outlook on the game. He’s very open-minded, Boone insisted. I think it’s like a Swiss military knife. He’s going to take on a variety of responsibilities.

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