Scientists have discovered dazzling flashes from a strange star … pictures and video

Scientists have discovered dazzling flashes from a strange star ... pictures and video

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Astronomers have announced the discovery of a strange object in space, sending foggy and erratic flashes out of space.

Planets orbiting their stars sometimes cause flashes because they block light from those stars, but in the case of a newly discovered object, the way this body blocks light from its star is stability, fluctuation or inconsistency of flashes.

According to a study published in Astronomy MagazineThe only thing scientists can now say about this strange substance or substance is that it produces a lot of dust.

Named TIC 400799224, this strange object orbits a star system about 2,300 light-years (725 barsecs) away, first discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Probe (TESS).

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Using artificial intelligence to study the data studied by TESS, astronomers discovered the strange object because its dust cloud reduced the brightness of its star by 25% in a matter of hours, followed by many differences in brightness. An eclipse.

This case usually indicates that the body or strange object breaks or releases gas as it orbits its star, but scientists are engaged in further research for verification because it took 6 years for scientists to explore it until they discovered something mysterious.

Scientists first noticed that this object did not orbit a galaxy, as further study and observation revealed that a star orbits at 19.77 days.

During the rotation of this object, scientists noticed strange changes in the shape, depth and duration of its brightness, which astronomers expect, due to a type of object orbiting the object and occasionally emitting clouds. Dust. But it is not clear exactly what this is. According to the “scientist”.

“The nature of the orbiting object is puzzling because the amount of dust emitted is large; as a result of the decay of an object like the asteroid Ceres in our solar system, it will only survive for about eight thousand years before it disappears. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. “

Astronomer Karen Collins

Press release from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

It is not clear which stars the mysterious object orbits, but the dust emitted by the object blocks 37% or 75% of the light from its host star. The mass of dust and gases around it, and this card will be in the form of a disk around the star.

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Scientists have put forward three possible explanations for the state of strange dust in their study, the first explanation being the decay of an object as it moves directly from a solid to a gaseous state (called sublimation), and the second explanation is phenomenon. Collisions with an asteroid-like object, which led to the release of scattered dust clouds, suggest that the presence of dust forming a disk around the star suggests a second interpretation.

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