Adapt in 2021 and update yourself in 2022

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Review your employee experience based on what you have learned over the past year. (Photo: 123RF)

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RHEVEIL-Morning. Jeff Schwartz, vice president of the US talent management firm Clot, hopes that 2022 will be rhyming with a redesign of 2022 if it is similar to the adaptation for companies.

Managers, managers and human resource managers should not take action in response to a constantly changing environment, as they have done in recent months. They now need to review their employee experience from top to bottom.

As the Omigron variant reminded us, since the epidemic is not over yet, of course, companies must continue to get used to it, former Deloitte admitted in an interview with Employee Benefit News. Newly adopted behaviors should no longer be band-aided, but allow the company to progress.

Jeff Schwartz believes that those who understand the nuances between these two approaches will succeed in getting out of the game. Here is where you need to implement it:

You should first review the growth journey of your employees and let them know that there are growth opportunities in your company. It also affects the efficiency development of your forces. If they are looking for new challenges, instead of leaving the company, why can’t they change sectors or raise their rankings?

Additionally, if hybrid work fits your business model, your management team should reconsider the way it works with telework and face-to-face. Mr. Swartz believes the question is whether he can step back into office in 2021 and 2022, and when to combine the two.

The past few months should have also shown you the importance of taking an interest in ensuring the well-being of your employees, both physically, mentally and financially. This has become a priority for workers, he recalled.

You need to realize a task while your workers are working. The vice president at Clot assures us that by taking care of it, you will not only realize the benefits of your company, but also see the consequences of your retention rate and attractiveness.

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