The test by North Korea has caused concern to neighboring countries

The test by North Korea has caused concern to neighboring countries

North Korea test-fired a missile tonight, while Japan and South Korea failed to identify the missile type by its neighbors, while Tokyo condemned Pyongyang’s missile and said it would further strengthen its surveillance systems.

The South Korean military and the Japanese government announced tonight (Tuesday-Wednesday) that North Korea had fired an unidentified missile into the sea. This is Pyongyang’s first military test in 2022. The Japanese Coast Guard, which first reported the launch, said it could be a ballistic missile.

Tokyo condemned Pyongyang’s launch and promised to further strengthen its surveillance systems. “We regret that North Korea has continued to launch missiles since last year. The government will further strengthen surveillance,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told a news conference on Wednesday.

“Japan is collecting information on what happened and we are currently analyzing the incident in detail to inform the public,” the Japanese president said. This was reported by the Reuters news agency.

Both the South Korean military and Japanese authorities consider the “unidentified missile” to be a ballistic missile. The South Korean military says the missile was fired from North Korea into the East Sea tonight.

The missile fell into the sea east of the Asian peninsula, the South Korean chief said in a statement and provided further details about the launch.

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