North America: 8 winter train journeys

North America: 8 winter train journeys

Whether traveling a few miles by train on a steam train or trekking across the continent on an Amtrak Superliner, train travel is especially popular. However, in winter these can become even more addictive. Instead of enjoying the windswept terrain from the air-conditioned car, travelers enjoy snow-capped mountains and delicious stalactite-covered branches from their seats.

Express Division

Based on the Caldocot medal-winning children’s book and film starring Tom Hanks, Like Express Has resumed service 40 waysAngerS It operates in 24 states (the other eight trains operate in Canada and the UK) and can accommodate more than one million passengers each year. On board, the actors revive the story and direct it, while Santa Claus, his elves and dance chefs serve hot chocolate and treats. Good mood guaranteed until “North Pole”! Most trains run on old railroad tracks that run through scenic locations such as the Grand Canyon, Mount Rainier and the Gateskills Mountains.

L’AURORA Winter EN Alaska

Departing from the anchorage, this Tourist train Season north to reach the snow-capped peaks of Denali, the highest mountain in North America. If you like Nordic skiing in the shade of Denali (if you have a moose), get off at Tokydna after a three-hour trek. You can continue your journey to Fairbanks for another nine hours to enjoy the Northern Lights. This train returns every Saturday morning and every Sunday. If you want to spend more time there, choose to depart in the middle of the week between Thanksgiving and March and catch the return train a few days later.

Christmas story train

Shortcut Dutch country From mid-19th Pennsylvania to Lancaster Countye Century, the Strasbourg branch line is the oldest in the United States. Get on the ship Christmas story train Enjoy the surrounding countryside while listening to the poem ” The night before Christmas ยป(The night before Christmas) Revived by Clement Clark Moore.

During the anniversary celebrationYou can travel on Santa’s trains and the Christmas tree train: the latter has a stop, which allows you to load your favorite Christmas tree onto the platform and bring it home.

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