Movies of the week in theaters

Movies of the week in theaters

Two good reasons to dance with “Twist à Pamago” and “My Attend Pozangles” this week. Until you move to Los Angeles, in the 70s, with “Licorice Pizza”.

There are two best cards to play this week in French cinema, both of which, incidentally, are related to dance. Robert Guédiguian leaves his Marseille lands “Twist in Bamako” Refreshing. In 1962, Mali gained independence. A young man participates in the “awareness raising” of the rural population with a few comrades involved in the renewal. He falls in love with a peasant woman who is forcibly married and quickly discovers that socialism and its liberal ideals will not succeed in fighting patriarchy and religious persecution … Without letting go of this passion for politics, Robert Gudiguan renews it. An African escape pays homage to the late photographer Malik Cdiba. All the actors we don’t know are fantastic, with Stephen Bach and Alice da Lus Gomes in the lead. Too bad his picture, too long, seems like he was reluctant to find the right final scene.

Love each other frantically

“Waiting for the Pozangles”, Written by Regis Roinsard, which, like the novel in which it was taken, refers to Nina Simon’s song “Mr. Pozangles”. A couple wants to dance on this sad track. Madame is a feeling that fades when you go from mild madness to just madness … Readers of the best-selling book, signed by Olivier Bordot, will discover the characters in the role of Virginia Ephra and Romain Touris.

On the American side, the picture of the week is sure “Licorice Pizza”, By Paul Thomas Anderson. In the 1970s, a 15-year-old boy, a trainee actor, fell in love with a woman ten years older than him, an assistant to a photographer. A cinematic lesson guaranteed by a rare but very wonderful director from “Boogie Nights” (1997) to “Phantom Thread” (2017).

The excitement of the discovery is very low “355”, By Simon Kinberg, he plays muscle to us, but only played with spies fighting terrorism, starring Jessica Chastain, Diane Krueger and Penelope Cruz.

We will be the opposite of Hollywood production “My brothers and I”, By Johann Manga. In a working class district in the south of France, a 14-year-old boy marked by the surrounding Machismo accidentally introduces himself to opera, immersing himself in a strange and fascinating world. It was a way for him to free himself from the clutches of his brothers and try to converse with his mother, who had been in a deep coma for many years. This is a beautiful story.

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