Go to London and attend ABBA’s concert

Le retour du groupe ABBA

They are back in 2021 with the brand new album ABBA Voyage. More than a collection of unpublished tracks, the world’s favorite Swedish band is returning to the concert for the first time in 40 years.

An innovative digital concert performed by four Swedes in holograms with a group of 10 musicians in a hall located in London from May 27, 2022. The result is bigger than life!

Play and win

To get a chance to win two weekends in London to attend a concert, simply answer the question below ABBA Travel Saturday, May 28, 2022 at the ABBA Arena.

Departs Saturday, May 28 and returns Sunday, May 29. Return transport by train or plane + two calls to concert + including hotel dinner. Irrevocable, irrevocable.

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ABBA Travel

Show ABBA Travel, Reunites young and old, old and new, while reuniting the four beloved members of the band through their music.

Named for such disco-tasty hits ஆடல் அரசி, Take a chance on me, Oh uncle, Give! Give! Give! And others. The team has confirmed the details of the truly amazing experiment starting May 27, 2022.

With a reputation for incredibly powerful live shows, ABBA has designed the kick they always wanted to do! The concert they perform for fans traveling time through their digital versions.

More info https://blog.ticketmaster.fr/musique/abba-voyage-a-londres-en-2022/

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