Despite the dismissal of the government .. again clashes between protesters and security forces in Kazakhstan

Despite the dismissal of the government .. again clashes between protesters and security forces in Kazakhstan

Clashes between protesters and security forces resumed in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, on Wednesday morning, as protesters stormed the city hall, RIA Novosti reported.

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Kazakhstan dismisses government and appoints acting PM

The protesters clashed with police officers in the center of Alma-Ata, and they arrested and attacked several security personnel in the city, the agency said.

The police tried to prevent the progress of the crowd of demonstrators with the shapes, including the sound bombs, but spread videos that they started to reach the square in front of the municipalities. .

In the center of Alma-Ata’s center, the police left after the demonstrators surrounded the municipal building and burned it out, “Novosti” reporter, he said, Square in front of the municipality in taxis.

Video footage shows a group of protesters dismantling the security guard of his automatic rifle in the streets of Alma-Ata.

Smoke billowed from above the Alma-Ata municipality, the attorney general’s office and the ruling party’s headquarters in the city.

As the “process of imposing public order and counter-terrorism” continues, city officials are urging citizens not to leave their homes.

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Kazakhstan .. Curfew ordered in the cities of Alma-Ada and Mangistow

The President of Kazakhstan, Qasim-Jomar Tokayev, declared a state of emergency in the province of Alma-Atta this morning from Wednesday to January 19, during which a curfew was issued from 23:00 to 7 p.m. Alma-Ada and the province of Monkistaw are one of the largest hotspot in the west of the country.

Due to the state of emergency, several trains have been stopped in these areas since this morning.

Late today, Tokayev also declared a state of emergency in the capital, Noor-Sultan.

It comes on the heels of the resignation of the President’s Government of Kazakhstan and the signing of the decree appointing Alikhan Smilo as caretaker Prime Minister, which has led to the dismissal of some of the culprits behind what is happening.

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More than 200 protesters have been arrested in Kazakhstan

Health officials in Alma Atl said 190 people had sought medical help in the city after Tuesday’s protests and clashes, seven of which were in intensive care, including 137 police and 53 civilians, four of whom were police officers.

Earlier, the Kazakh Interior Ministry said more than 200 people had been arrested in “illegal activities” in the country last night.

Protests resumed in several parts of Kazakhstan on Wednesday, where protesters tried to blockade a local government building in the northwestern city of Octobi, but police were able to repel the attack, according to media reports.

Interfax reports that riots continue in Dengis, the largest Kazakh oil field in the west of the country.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said in a statement that it has “carefully monitored the progress made in Kazakhstan” and noted that there were no reports of injuries among Russian citizens there.

Russian Senator Vladimir Zabarov, the first deputy chairman of the International Committee of the Russian Federation, has expressed confidence that Kazakhstan authorities can resolve the situation in the country and that Russia is ready to provide anything needed. Military assistance to the neighboring country.

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