Carlos Correa in Cubs: According to Ken Rosenthal, not possible

Analysis: Astros vs. White Socks

Ken Rosenthal has been much talked about these days as he has been forced out of the MLB network. The informant saw that the commissioner was not satisfied with the comments made about him, and he squeezed him at the end of his contract, much to the displeasure of the amateurs.

But the good news is that Rosenthal has other forums, especially the one he keeps podcasting at The Athletic. And in his podcast, he often answers questions from amateurs.

You do not have to dig deep to see what he says about the strike: he does it from the beginning. According to him, a camp starting March 1 would be enough for the normal season. But it must have felt a sense of urgency, and at the moment no one seems to be in a hurry to sign.

The questionable podcast is available Here.

For my part, the decision of Carlos Correa to talk to me. Since Marcus Stroman signed in Chicago, we feel the puppies are ready to offer big deals, and we know that Stroman wants to be with him for a short time.

And the player himself? He would be open to signing in the city.

But according to Rosenthal, we should not expect him to sign in town once the labor dispute is behind us. Why?

Because, as announced in the past, even though the Cubs wanted to sign him, they did not want to give him 10 years. According to the more informed, he really wants 10 years.

In fact, puppies are willing to spend, but they do not want long deals. They like flexibility and although Korea is sexy they are over 10 years old.

If the situation does not change, they will have to look elsewhere.

According to Writer Kids of The Athletic, Jet Hoyer want to do the same as the 2013 Red Sox, signing small deals to inject talent, but not crazy. Let’s remember what happened that year in Bean Town.

I still have a feeling that it will be between the Dodgers and the Astros for Korea. So, it will continue in a few weeks.

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