Viral test today | The first thing you see in this parable reveals the extent of your creativity | Psychological testing | Emotional testing | Personality Test | Colombia | Mexico | USA | Nnda nnrt | uses

Viral test today |  The first thing you see in this parable reveals the extent of your creativity |  Psychological testing |  Emotional testing |  Personality Test |  Colombia |  Mexico |  USA |  Nnda nnrt |  uses

Many users And other social networks publish daily the results they get through t. These trials can reveal details of our personality and show our greatest fears by answering a question: What do you see first?

So we have . In the chart you can see different shapes and even a pair of hands. But depending on your personality, only one object will attract the attention of others. Pay close attention and respond to what you saw first, this is the only way you can find results.

After taking your choice in this psychological test, find out what your current level of creativity is. Remember that you have to be honest, because the results you get in this way are valid.

Viral test image

The first thing you see in this parable is that it shows features you do not know about yourself. Photo: Namastest

Virus test results


Are you part of a group of people who witnessed the explosion? Then you can consider yourself a very creative person! Those who see an explosion in the film have a highly developed imagination and of course the gift of engaging in art endeavors or careers.

Two hands

When you look at both hands, without first imagining what is in front of your eyes, at the same time with a well-developed imagination. In this case, the difference is that you use logic as the basis for all your actions.

A tree

You are usually very attentive and like to pay attention to small details, even if you do not realize it, that is why you are so sensitive to the feelings of those around you. Almost nothing can be hidden from you.

If you do not see anything

Well, if you can not see anything very clearly in the photo, it may be a sign that you need some time. You may be too tired of the daily routine, which ultimately prevents you from defining the one in the picture. Get some rest!

What is personality selection?

These tests, commonly used in the field of clinical psychology, are tools that allow us to assess a person’s psychological and personality traits (feelings and attitudes). In order to identify the usual way of reacting to certain situations and types of persons.

Because each It is designed to measure certain characteristics of the workplace, which should be taken as seriously as possible and answer each question with complete honesty.

Leadership, teamwork, autonomy, decision orientation, achievement orientation, frustration tolerance and flexibility are the most common.

There are different types of personality tests, however, the following are the most commonly used in the selection process.

What is the best personality test?

The This is one of the most respected and used. Raymond b. It is the result of decades of hard work and analysis by the British psychologist Kettle, who is best known for his contributions to the field of personality and, above all, intelligence. For example, he proposed the existence of liquid intelligence and crystalline intelligence.

This personality test is constantly being revised and updated, but the essence remains the same: read our personality traits based on 16 factors and five secondary factors: factor A (effect), factor B (rationality), factor C (consistency), factor E (dominance), factor Factor F (Impulsivity), Factor G (Group Compliance), Factor H (Courage), Factor I (Sensitivity), Factor L (Suspicion), Factor M (Imagination), Factor N (Trick), Factor O (Guilt), Factor Q2 (self-sufficiency, factor Q3 (self-control), factor Q4 (tension).

Why personality selection is important

Personality tests are tests that are conducted with the aim of knowing the qualifications, interests and personality traits of the applicants for a job. In addition, the applicant in question can have a foundation for predicting your company’s values ​​and whether they will be successfully modified with the workforce. Although it is an indispensable tool in the job recruitment process, its use has recently expanded to social networks because it usually offers new perspectives on its way to its participants.

What is the origin of personality selection?

According to , The first personality tests were developed in 1920. These questionnaires “They are specifically intended to facilitate the recruitment process for personnel in the Armed Forces.”.

At this time, many users from different parts of the world are eager to know more about their lifestyle. That is why there are so many simple tests that allow internet users to know everything about their personality on social networks.

What does the MBTI test do?

MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a tool designed to assess personality based on our responses to how we perceive or act in specific situations. .

Do you want to take another personality test?

If you want to join another personality test, today is your lucky day. We inform you that We have published various types of tests. Choose the one that catches your attention the most, and that’s it. Dare to participate now!

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