Italy prepares drone for stratosphere – at the heart of technology

Italy prepares drone for stratosphere - at the heart of technology

From ‘airship drones’ to stay in the stratosphere for months, to future European space rider space capsules, new materials for reusable rockets and lunar colonies will be passed on: these are just a few of the many research projects underway at the Italian Space Research Center (CIRA). ) Presented on the eve of National Space Day.

“Space is one of the frontiers of humanity, and on a day like today, as we celebrate the past, we see those who created the conditions and many perspectives that lie ahead of us today,” said Giuseppe Morcelo, the leader of the Syracuse. At Chira headquarters in Kapua ahead of the day. Many guests alternately presented chira and future development plans.

Founded in 1984, Chira is in the process of in-depth renovation with new projects and infrastructure integrated with new projects and infrastructure such as the Vega Launcher built by Avio and the European Space Agency’s Space Rider space shuttle. Esa) The return-to-Earth capsule was born from the development of IXV.

“We are developing a series of laboratories and infrastructures in which you can go, stay and test everything from space to space: from chambers to air tunnels, to air tunnels, to reflect vibrations from the plasma.” , Explained the outline of the center and new projects: from propulsion, to electric motors for satellites and reusable liquid fuel rockets, to shielding the colonies with the radiation needed for innovative spacecraft.

In the field of space travel, not only the space rider, but also the European capsule, which is designed to carry out scientific experiments in orbit, and the hop drone-balloon will move freely for many months. Stratosphere, about 20,000 meters, months. “A talent that no one currently has, is a very difficult challenge to overcome, but it guarantees great benefits,” said Roberto Porsa, director of innovation and communications at Syracuse. “Satellites can stay in the impossible place for a long time – he continued – guaranteeing that vast areas can be tracked consistently and very accurately”.

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