In 1953, a telecommunications executive announced the arrival of smartphones and video calling.

Des gens sur leur smartphone

In 1953, an executive of a telecommunications company in the United States predicted the development of the modern smartphones and video calls we use today, but at the time they were science fiction.

Today, the smartphone has changed An essential daily tool. It can be used to keep in touch with relatives, friends and have fun. Video calls allow you to communicate with anyone around the world.

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We are witnesses now Development of foldable smartphones With many models like the new OPPO Find N, this is the first variant for the Chinese manufacturer. The popularity of smartphones has been steady over the last few decades, but some were already anticipating 70 years ago.

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“There is no escape from phones in the future,” Mark Sullivan predicted in 1953.

In 1953, Mark R. Snyder, former chairman of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, an American telecommunications company, was fired. Produced by Sullivan. A crazy prediction called science fiction At the time. ” Here is my prophecy: In its final development, the smartphone will be carried by the individual, perhaps as we wear a watch today. This will probably not require any dials or the like, and I think users can see each other if they want while talking. “, He announced in 1953. His words were published in the Tacoma News Tribune with the following headline:” Can’t escape from phones in the future .

Mark R. At the time Sullivan published this report, American homes had the most advanced personal communication device Standard rotary dial telephone. In fact, an engineer recently had fun making a cellphone out of a vintage rotary dial.

Mark R. Sullivan had a clear vision of the future of telecommunications, and he was born before the electrification of homes. Nevertheless, he lived long enough to see the first commercial cell phone release. Motorola DynaDoc 8000 Released in 1983. However, it weighed about a kilogram and was bulky, so nowadays there is nothing to carry around $ 11,000.

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