Australia: Hope for a new Govt wave

Australia: Hope for a new Govt wave

In Australia, the government is optimistic about the new wave of covitants linked to the Omigron variant. Less dangerous than the previous one but more contagious. Despite the increasing number of infections and hospitalizations, the country is still able to provide much needed treatment to the people.

Australia’s healthcare system will tackle the new Govt wave. At the very least, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made clear, this is the view of officials who particularly rely on the less harmful nature of the Omigron variant: “With the increase in the number of cases we see, it is important that the severity of this disease is already 75% lower than what we have seen with (different) delta.”

However, the number of cases diagnosed daily in the state of Victoria has reached record highs. There has also been an increase in the number of hospital admissions in New South Wales. Jeroen Weimar, leader of the struggle against Govt in the state of Victoria, underscores the health problem: “In the first three days of this new year, there are already more cases than by 2020. It shows how fast Omigron is moving along the East Coast. It shows how fast we all need to change our behavior. Respond to the challenge ahead and this wave that is hitting us now.

So we can not deny the pressure that can be put on the hospital system. But according to Scott Morrison, there will be mechanisms for this. “In any case, we take care of it: nWe work closely with the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister (State) Ministers to ensure that this evidence is available. “

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