Why is Australia the most followed country on Instagram?

Why is Australia the most followed country on Instagram?

At the end of August, the news broke that Australia was the country with the most followers His Instagram account. Long before France and the United States with its 165,000 followers or nearly 225,000 followers, the @Australia page – founded by Tourism Australia – has more than five million followers.

Created nearly ten years ago, the Australian Tourism Board’s Instagram account provides a lot of content with over 10,700 photos and videos from its creation. As other nations struggle to reach the million goal, we try to understand where this hysteria is coming from. So we give you a short list of the main reasons (objective and not exhaustive). Beautiful warning.

Paradise Beaches

The one who said “Australia” says “the seas”. Whoever says “seas” says “beaches”. The country is well known for the wonderful sand that rubs the shoulders of tanned tourists and Australian surfers.

At a country-dedicated feed, Internet users can quench their thirst for vacations in the sun, and we would love to book air tickets and connect with the first travel site to get out as soon as possible. “Below”.

Unusual corners

One of the purposes of the Tourism Office is to provide travelers with little-known and / or surprising places to discover. From rainforests to rooms in the jungles of Tasmania, little hidden nails throughout the account, to our delight.

Amazing scenery

Not to mention the natural wonders of Australia. Whether it’s Ayers Rock, the Holy Land of Indigenous Peoples, or the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Australia offers its visitors an incredible amount of historical and cultural richness. adventure.

Unique travel stories

Instagram account of the Australian Tourism Board, according to the official report of Tourism Australia “Encourages travelers […] Share their own experiences “ With the hashtag #SeeAustralia.

Used nearly five million times, this hashtag allows Internet users to navigate through the stories of cloudbreakers or Australian citizens. Although it makes us a little jealous, we understand that it makes us happy.

Very beautiful animals

We saved the best at last. It would be a lie to say that most of the success of ustAustralia Instagram account is not due to photos of adorable animals than others.

Australian wildlife – often isolated for its many endangered species – is home to countless endangered species that completely melt us. Colas, kangaroos, wolves, vampires … just like kittens’ videos on social networking sites, we are constantly scrolling. So hopefully these photos will give your heart a little balm.

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