United States: The man who killed five people predicted his crimes in books - LINFO.re

United States: The man who killed five people predicted his crimes in books – LINFO.re

A suspect, Lydon McLeod, was shot dead by police in Colorado on Monday.

The trilogy was released between 2018 and 2020

That person, who committed five murders United States, Has already foretold his crimes. Identified by police as Leighton McLeod, he has named some of the victims in a series of science fiction novels under the pseudonym Roman McLeod. His trilogy, “Permission”, Released under the name Roman McLean between 2018 and 2020. He said fiction and mixed “People” And “Real Events” For “Blurring the line between existence and possibility”. The suspect was shot and killed by police Monday in Colorado. “We know books written under the pseudonym by the suspect and they are part of us Investigation, A Denver Police spokesman confirmed Thursday, Dec. 30 LCI.

From “Personal or Professional Relationships” With some of his victims

According to officials, one of the victims in the book, identified as Michael Swinyard, had the same name. She was killed at the same address mentioned in the book. In another volume, the suspect’s name is quoted in administrative documents attached to a premises purchased a few years ago by victim Alicia Gardinas. The plot of the novels Case “Politician / billionaire who wants to use genetic technology to rewrite the DNA of criminals such as serial killers or perpetrators”, We can read in the comment posted on the author’s website. Police said the shooter was 47 years old “Personal or Professional Relationships” With some of his victims.

Lyndon McLeod was at one time Targeted by police investigations in 2020 and 2021, But no case has been initiated. An investigation is underway to find the exact motive for his attack.

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