Omicron proves that it takes depth to succeed in 2022

Omicron proves that it takes depth to succeed in 2022

Looking at what is happening in Montreal Canadians, Last week they added all of their regulars to the Covid 19 protocol, We realize that Omicron strikes hard. Same thing when you look at an example like the Toronto Raptors in the NBA, Who recently played with a gang of strangers.

These are sports examples, but they are usually a reflection of what is happening in the community. The Omicron variant strikes hard and the depths of the teams are tested.

MLB is not running now, but they still need to take notes. We need to take notes on how the leagues are currently handling Omicron.

Will the variation be strong this summer? Probably not because summer seems mild … but I can not say for sure because the virus has been taking us by surprise for two years in our lives. Another variation may also occur.

All of this suggests that we do not know what awaits us and that teams must plan for the worst. For Blue Jazz, it means thinking about starting the year in Florida

And for all 30 major baseball teams, i.e. the depth of the line. Really a lot of depth.

Now, many hockey or basketball teams say it would be nice if it was more deep. MLB should take notes.

Pitchers will fall like flies in the 2022 season, especially since the strike. Signing relievers and hitters playing everywhere should be important to many teams.

Precisely, this time, there is a strike. We can tell ourselves there is nothing to do, but I do not see it that way.

In fact, underage players can sign contracts. Clubs have to do it, sign depth.

Comrades who did not play in the MLB in 2021 are now eligible to sign the juvenile contract (with invitation to camp). Teams doing this are moving forward.

Who knows: it will be effective as soon as the 2022 season begins.

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