NFL: The Bakers win the NFC title by dominating the Vikings

NFL: The Bakers win the NFC title by dominating the Vikings


The Green Bay Packers took a weekend off from winning the NFC Championship title, and Aaron Rodgers confirmed his bid for the NFL MVP with a 37-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings in Sunday night football.

Rodgers was eliminated from the game in the 4th quarter because his team had a comfortable presence. He finished 29 of his 38 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns.

Matt Lafleur is now 39-9 as head coach of the Packers (13-3). His 39 wins mark a high point in NFL history for a coach in his first three seasons in the league.

Receivers Davenport Adams (11 receptions, 136 yards) and Alan Lazard (6 receptions, 72 yards) each caught one touchdown pass.

Running back AJ Dillon hit two majors. He finished the game with 14 carries and 63 rushing yards.

The Vikings (7-9) have won their last two games against the Packers, but their hopes of making the playoffs are now empty.

However, Minnesota was without their No.1 quarterback Kirk Cousins, who made the NFL’s COVID-19 list two days ago. Sean Manion, who was removed from the Covit-19 list, made his third start of his career.

Mannian amassed 189 flying yards and a touchdown pass in his first game appearance after 2019.

Vikings attack star Dolvin Cook was completely neutral. He was limited to 13 winning yards in nine carries.

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