Except for surgery, Brazilian president “is fine”

Except for surgery, Brazilian president "is fine"

President of Brazil Jair Bolzano He was taken to hospital on suspicion Intestinal obstruction, According to local media reports. Bolzano, 66 years old, Chairman Brazil Since 2019, he has been taken to Vila Nova Star Hospital in So Paulo.

Who is Jair Bolzano? The President of Brazil was urgently hospitalized: from far-right ideas to personal life

Suspicious intestinal obstruction

The Brazilian president has accused Santa Catarina of causing abdominal pain during the holidays. CNN reports quoting Antonio Luis Macedo, the doctor who operated on Bolzano following his stabbing during the September 2018 election campaign.

Bolsanaro was airlifted by helicopter and underwent diagnostic tests to determine the exact cause of his discomfort. The plane was accompanied by his wife Michelle Bolzano and daughter Laura who landed overnight in the Congo. The Brazilian president was last admitted to hospital on July 14, 2020 to be treated for intestinal infiltration.

“She is OK.”

In Brazil, the Presidential Secretariat for Communications (SECOM) said President Jair Bolzano, who was hospitalized in Sவோo Paulo due to severe abdominal pain while on holiday in the United States, was “well”. Santa Catarina (South))

The memorandum, released this morning, states that additional details about the head of state’s health will be published in the medical bulletin. Bolzano was taken to Vila Nova Star Hospital in S பாo Paulo this morning. According to his medical team, he is suspected of having a new bowel obstruction.

Since being stabbed during the 2018 election campaign, Bolzano has undergone four surgeries as a result of the incident. Dr. Antonio Luis Macedo, who operated on Bolzano after the attack, was in the Bahamas when the president was warned of abdominal discomfort. He is already returning to Brazil, but – according to the G1 news portal – he does not believe Bolsanaro needs another operation.

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