Between London and Athens, the eternal battle over Parthenon

Between London and Athens, the eternal battle over Parthenon

Inquiry – For forty years, Greece continued to demand the return of Athenian fries deposited in the early 19th century by order of the British ambassador. But as far as the British Museum is concerned, there is no question of parting with it …

Reporter in London

Times were chaotic, and Athens was no longer Athens. Since June 4, 1456, the Greek city has been under the yoke of the Ottomans. Troops of Sultan Mohammed II captured the city without a fight, and Duke Francesco II Aquioli of Florentine opened the gates for them. Transformed into a church in the 6th century. Saw Becomes a mosque with its minaret. Thus, Thomas Bruce, the seventh Earl of Elgin, descended at the dawn of the 19th century. He was appointed ambassador to the Supply Board by King George III. Beyond his diplomatic mission, this man, who prides himself on culture, sought beauty in the forms of Greek temples by the architect Thomas Harrison, who followed the “Greek Renaissance”. This inspires him to take an interest in classical architecture, the finest examples of which, according to him, are not in Rome, but in Athens. In his mind, this is only a question of studies …

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