Theory telmul: “There is a group event, it’s probably positive. We’m all polluted, and we’re all out of it together.”

Theory telmul: "There is a group event, it's probably positive. We'm all polluted, and we're all out of it together."

Theory telmul, Girondins de Bordeaux’s physician, spoke at length on the psychological state of the Bordeaux soldiers affected by the number Covid-19. All precautionary measures are taken within the club, but unfortunately the Omicron variant is highly contagious.

“We’re a little surprised, because we’ve been through this cove for almost two years. Maybe we thought we were untouchables, it’s possible. The Bordeaux area was still quiet on a virological level. We took it, we were very surprised to face it.But psychologically, I do not think we should be victimized.A group event that says we are all polluted and we can all get out of it together can be positive.They lived with restrictions and limitations for two years.The idea that there are players who did wrong I do not.Then, yes, we always try to improve things, so we did a little review of the health circuits in the club, we returned the information, and at the request of the coach We also reported the little thing. Virus. We try, but we are not perfect, we will never be perfect. ”


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