Jean-Jacques Goldman: Goodbye London? Singer “Journey”, revelations about his new life …

Jean-Jacques Goldman: Goodbye London?  Singer "Journey", revelations about his new life ...

Goodbye pudding, tea time and fish and chips? Absolutely not. Singer Jean-Jack Goldman, Who has been living in the suburbs of London since 2016, still has a foothold in France. His friend and former colleague Michael Jones revealed that he was behind the scenes of the intimate lives of the most sensible French artists.

Guest of the show Sunday Roll On December 12, 2021, Michael Jones (69) did not escape the question of friendship with Jean-Jacques Goldman (70). It must be said that they worked together for many years to give birth to such successes I give it to you Where On Ira. When presenter Michael Trucker said that the famous singer was near London with his wife Natalie and their children, his friend clarified: “He is still French and lives in Marseille.“A statement confirming JJG’s return to Marseille. At the time of his departure for the United Kingdom, a minor controversy erupted.

Although he spent this time in Marseille – where he had a house he considered his main residence – Jean-Jacques Goldman did not actually pack his bags and is a resident of London, where he is a tenant; Paris match His house on its pages in 2019 “Greater London West, an English middle class suburb“Most Parisian What sparked Wembley’s chic corner in 2021 … Thus, Michael Trucker for his part “Travel“It simply came to our notice then.

Jean-Jacques Goldman wanted to settle in the kingdom of his daughters Maya (born 2004), Kimi (born 2005) and Rose (born 2007) – Her Majesty Elizabeth II. For his part, he freed his other friend, Eric Pence. Recently, the deportation of Enfoirés’ former boss also found a possible explanation in the pages of the book. It only needs one sign, Written by musician Jean Bender. The latter especially arouses the fear of the anti-Semitic aggression singer in France. “A fear of not leaving him also explains his control“, The author writes, emphasizing the artist’s intense desire, he still refuses to return to the show business …

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