In London, he told Uber, "This is the end of a kind of irresponsibility."

In London, he told Uber, “This is the end of a kind of irresponsibility.”

Then can fill entire libraries in the question of intermediaries. Can those who combine the two wash their hands of what happens next? Like the world, this question is regaining spectacular vigor with the Internet and its sites. Is Uber responsible for the behavior of Facebook and its drivers for writing on its site?

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Yes, the British High Court responded in a landmark judgment on Monday. He says Uber is not an agent. The company is responsible for the quality of service and service provided to the customer. The contract must be signed not only with the driver but also with the passenger. The implications of this decision are significant for everyone who dreams of being mere intermediaries on the Internet, at Uber and beyond.

Social Security

The California company itself took over after enjoying this jurisdiction The first insult in February 2021 When the UK Supreme Court ruled that drivers working on its platform should be treated as “workers” and treated as self-employed. This means the company must provide them with a minimum wage (even without race), vacations and social security. Monday’s court ruling takes the matter home. Beyond the sole rule of American society.

Paradoxically, Uber’s legal function leads to an increasingly precise definition of its relationships with its partners and customers.

The first effect is that if it is in agreement with the passengers, the drivers are its employees, even if they are not necessarily employees. It therefore confirms the need for special social security and not just for Uber to demand new rights for all London drivers. This is because the decision also calls into question the approximately 1,832 private transport operators operating independently in London.

The second effect is VAT liability, like any transport company. Paradoxically, Uber’s legal activity, which has been in the courts frequently for nearly a decade, is leading the world to the precise definition of its relationship with its partners and customers. Already at risk of compromising the weak economic model. This decision does not mark the end of the platform economy, but rather the end of a kind of irresponsibility. Finally, the beginning of the end, hopefully.

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