Clark Schmidt: The Yankees’ potential hidden card in 2022

Clark Schmidt: The Yankees' potential hidden card in 2022

When you promise young pitchers who are too late to establish themselves in the MLB due to health issues, the first name that comes to mind is often Nate Pearson. After all, he has tremendous energy, but each time he seems closer to becoming a regular Show, He finds himself in the hospital.

In the Yankees, there is another player of the same type in the company: Clark Schmidt. The young starter may have played a few innings in the majors, but he looks set to become a regular in the MLB, one of the team’s best chances is suffering from health issues that have slowed him down.

However, Schmidt is currently healthy and will have the opportunity to prove that he is still eligible for the MLB in the 2022 season. So that makes him a potential hidden card for the Yankees this season.

In an interview with Lindsay Adler, Schmidt explained that he suffered a muscle injury in his elbow that took a very long time to heal, much like the injury he claims Tennis Elbow, Which is characterized by irritated tendons due to overuse.

While the young pitcher believes he “put too much pressure on the bike”, he believes the injury was due to a training schedule for the last off-season. He says he has learned a lesson from this history and that it is part of a young player’s learning.

Since he could not access the Yankees coaches due to the lockout, we hope he actually learned some lessons.

Schmidt is set to start 2022 at the AAA level, but if he does not do well and experience elbow pain he will soon find himself in the majors with Gerrit Cole, Jameson Dylan, Jordan Montgomery and Nestor Cortes.

If the Yankees hadn’t signed at the start of the fifth, Schmidt’s presence would have been even more significant.

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