Passenger Room Presentation of the Hyperloop Capsule by HyperloopTT

cabine passagers hyperloop

Hyperloop, a subsidiary of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, is integrating the research and development center at Pink City (Toulouse) in the country, which will receive a test tunnel and a prototype capsule called the Hyperloop, where the interior will be located. The Virgin Group says its incredible hyperloop project could be the new travel standard of this century. Designed in 2013, this futuristic train can fly faster than an airplane. So, it is no surprise that the latter is preferred by many entrepreneurs.

Just twelve minutes from Hyperloop One to Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Hyperloop One, a North American company, recently released a unique agreement with the Municipality of Dubai (located in the United Arab Emirates). The latter sees A line creation Connects with the country’s capital Abu Dhabi in a dozen minutes. Discover what this future and revolutionary train journey will look like!

American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has recently brought to light the structure and technology of its cabin. Capsule Hyperloop. The latter will be a prototype to be tested at the Research and Development Center in Toulouse, located in the old military base of Francoissell, where the Hyperloop DT team designed and designed the 320-meter-long test tunnel!

The hyperloop cabin can accommodate up to thirty people

One of the peculiarities of the structure is the presence of spaces arranged for persons with restricted mobility. Once passengers are seated on the train, they can access it 100% high speed sound environment And customized by the speakers on the headrest. They are equipped with technology that reduces the noise around them. So this is the train to think about everything and truly fit into the future!

The seats are equipped with a high-performance camera with facial recognition, a separate air conditioning mechanism, modern touchscreen and wireless charging for electronics.

Presence of biometric mechanism

The biometric mechanism makes it possible for users to make payments and send the contents of their mobile or PC to the screen if they wish. The capsule advances at an extreme speed (1,223 km / h) in a specific compressed tube. Thus, it will have no windows.

Hyperloop TT has designed and manufactured a lighting mechanism that switches between day and night mode depending on the environment. We should mention about the purification of the cabin air in the face of viruses and microorganisms. Just like on a basic train, there will be space for restoration, toilets and boxes designed for passenger luggage. In the middle of the capsule, a “lounge” space will be integrated with two loading benches.

No major announcements have been made since the 2018 deal for the first trade route in the capital Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. However, the subsonic transportation system project has been progressing since 2013. Finally, it should be noted that Hyperloop TT has also contemplated and designed a freight type in conjunction with the operator in the German port of Hamburg. For the latter, no official date has been released at this time.

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