How to activate the Golden Logo on WhatsApp

How to activate the Golden Logo on WhatsApp


To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, there is a new functionality that allows you to turn the traditional green WhatsApp logo into gold. Following a series of simple steps, the classic icon Application The most widely used messaging in the world can be changed simply and for free, and the esoteric world can take on the tone of abundance, associated with the attraction of luck and success.

It is necessary to have a phone with Android operating system, as it is not available for iOS to enable “New Year” mode in the app.

How to change WhatsApp logo:

1. The first thing to do is download the app Noah Launcher en Play Store.

2. Once installed, we need to select the new style we want our cell phone to have.

3. Then, it is necessary to download the image of the WhatsApp icon in gold and PNG format from Google or any other image site.

4. After downloading the image, press the application logo for a second or two. That way a pencil will appear in the floating window.

5. Next, you need to press the pencil and go to “Applications”, then go to “Photos” and select the Golden WhatsApp icon in the PNG we have already downloaded.

6. To complete, the mission will be completed only by pressing the option “Ready”: Golden WhatsApp is appropriate, to celebrate the New Year.

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