Cats (Canal +): Why was this movie hated even before it was released in theaters?

Cats (Canal +): Why was this movie hated even before it was released in theaters?

The movie “Gates” was the subject of a huge slander campaign before it was even released in theaters in 2019. But why did the adaptation of the named composition face such treatment?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s album was a huge success on Broadway when it was launched in 1981, although CATS had many arguments in favor of it. Beginning with its Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech (2010), he was praised for his Danish Girl (2015) film and, above all, success in 2012 with an adaptation of Les Miserables, which allowed the film to win eight Oscars. Suggestions and three statues.

With the credits of Judy Dench, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McClellan, James Gordon, Rebel Wilson and singer Taylor Swift, the cast is also very promising. Finally, with a budget of approximately $ 100 million (approximately மில்லியன் 88 million), the film manages to impress with its potential.

Special effects are considered catastrophic

Still. While the plot of the story is not an issue on a musical stage, the story of the cats that meet annually in London in the 1930s to find a place in paradise, based on TS Eliot’s simple collection of poems, changes even more. Complicated to paint on the big screen.

But above all the aesthetic choice of using digital special effects to turn actors into cats – when they are dressed in music – has been widely criticized. Making these cats look realistic and anthropological did not have the desired effect. All. From the first trailer, the horrible reactions coming from all sides foretold the worst. Tom Hooper will work hard until the last minute to correct this perceived lack of reality and the excessive sexuality of the cats. Unfortunately without success.

In France, 52,000 people dared to cross the doors of a theater during a two-week operation. The film grossed $ 75 million or nearly மில்லியன் 66 million at the box office. And it will become the laughing stock of Hollywood. Even the actors who come in credits will not fail to tease. Last October, the coup was overthrown by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who considered the adaptation to be “a catastrophic idea” from the outset.

He admitted that he decided to adopt the dog for the first time in his life because the film caused him so much stress. “God, I thought no. For the first time in over 70 years, I went to buy myself a dog. So the only benefit I got was my little Havanese, ”he told the US site. Variety.

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