Georginho, London and Lights / England / Chelsea /

Georginho, London and Lights / England / Chelsea /

Jorge Luis Frello Filho, also known as Jorgenho, was the first paradox on the legs. A creative environment that does not help. Specializes in penalties. The third thief of the last Golden Ball says it all to himself: his 2021 fiscal year is escaping reason. “It’s totally surreal. I often use the adjective” surreal “because what’s happening to me is so big, I can not believe it. I can not even dream of it. No. ” In recent months, The Film director From National Unanimously. The guy will probably see a little personal revenge: the end of the year that culminates in the success of his football, its rhythm, very different, has long been criticized.

“We all remember what people said when I started in Chelsea, didn’t they? I was so slow. Weak. I thought I’re the son of a wing. It embarrassed me!” Georginho, a little angry anyway

Melody and rhythm

To understand exactly where Italian comes from, you should watch these words of Rio Ferdinand on English television at the end of January 2019. Although Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-0 in the Premier League, he considers Manchester United’s all-rounder to be the first responsible for the setback. Blues : George. “He has to set the pace for the games … He’s very good when you give him the ball in the last 30 yards, right.” He has made about 2,000 contributions this season. But how many aids did he make? Anything. Besides, he doesn’t run much. So he didn’t bring anything for defense like the other side of the pitch. ” The Englishman has not publicly preached in the desert since: appointed by Mauricio Sarri in the summer of 2018, the former Neapolitan continues to be accused of being the most expensive player in the Premier League.

Fans did not like his tireless passing game and clean style Blues, Who see him as a favorite of the current coach. “We all remember what people said when I started in Chelsea, didn’t they? The player wrote in early September Players’ Tribune. That I was too slow. Weak. I was the son of Sari. It annoyed me … but look, they underestimated me. I have had a bad start in every club I have played. Every time. ” True. The Italian-Brazilian always asked for time. Time to understand. Sari, who left Chelsea in the summer of 2019, tries to explain his former supporter’s game: “He’s a subtle player. That’s why not everyone can appreciate him immediately.” How to understand Georginho? First, look at the appearance of objects, not their appearance. Behind a glowing opening, we can often detect the shadow of the translucent environment. “I’m always looking for a pass that opens up the opponent’s lines, Explains the main interested party. My passes may seem trivial, but it brings the chance to get the Pastan score that comes after my passes. ”

“Happy Food for Rich Kids”

Jorgenho first refined his passes barefoot on Impitupa beach. It is located in this city in southern Brazil, which is a favorite destination for whale hunters auriverde, His mother put his first scales back on the fine sand. “When I was five, my mom used to play ball with me on the beach near our house. She is not one of those moms who does not understand football. No sir … She came from a football family and still plays today. We had fun, but if I made a mistake she would say: “No, don’t set foot that way. Just do it.” “As a teenager, Jorgenho would later multiply experiments in professional clubs. Without success. “I did three tests at Sao Paulo FC, Palmeiras and Inter (Porto Alegre), But each time I failed. ”

“He was almost an intruder. He could not live in a boarding school with his comrades. So I handed him over to the clergy community, who provided him with food and shelter.” Ricardo Priciandelli, former sports director of Hellas Verona

He will finally be seen by a recruiter from Hellas Verona who will send him back to Italy at the age of 15 to coordinate the club’s training center in Romeo and Juliet. The only beneficiary of the student visa – preventing him from playing in official competitions – is then to become Ricky. To give him a chance, Ricardo Priciandelli, the sports director of Hellos, did not hesitate to disappoint: “It took us a long time to get him to sign up for the club. He’s almost an intruder, he can not live in a boarding school with his peers. So I handed him over to the clergy community, and they provided him with food and shelter.” He was abused by his agent at the time Boy Lives 20 euros per week. “I always spent them the same way: five euros to phone my family in Brazil, a few euros for shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste … Sometimes, if I really want to be treated, I go to Main Square in Verona. I get a milkshake at McDonald’s. I was just buying. Happy food for rich kids. Then I’m sitting on the stairs in the corner of the square. The rude, but skinny kid’s talent is unbelievably high: allowing his transcendental descendants to finally become Italians and join the Hellos A team in 2011.

Imperfections and genius

The result will be glorious, but not straightforward: transferred to Napoli in 2014, without the support of player Rafael Benitez, who erupted in 2015 under Sarri’s command. At Chelsea, it will take more than a season to convince him. In National, He will continue to be disconnected by Antonio Conte and Giambiro Ventura, the latter says directly “Using a tactic that does not match Jorgino’s characteristics” . In fact, the Italian genius did not have autonomy. There is nothing wrong with that. In the final of the last Euro, this penalty specialist missed his decisive shot against Bigford. Assuri Would have finally succeeded. Sari, Midfielder’s first convert, outlined his limitations as follows: “Because he is used to playing with one touch, he needs movement without the ball from his teammates. It is very difficult for him to play without the movement of other players.”

Roberto Mancini turns boy into the cornerstone of his midfield, watching the former Neapolitan “A player with the same profession: create a game” . Instead of the horrific stats and YouTube actions of Lewandowski, Haaland, Salah and Mbappé, the Italian remains a player on the human level, he is only collective. Problem? No. If the machine works, no one but him knows how to turn it on. “It’s true that people do not see me much … I’m not like my colo (Conte) Runs 90 minutes. I will, liquefy the whole thing and put oil in the engine. It’s all subtle, and I understand that I look less than others. ” What if it was so good? Only by walking in the shade was he always able to hide his elegant bass. Or come back to Verona in disguise this summer to fully enjoy the progress: “I’m not been there long. First, I went to Main Square. I went to McDonald’s and had a milkshake. Then I sat on the stairs in the corner where I spent many afternoons as a teenager. And I … saw.”

By Adrian Kondav
All words Players’ Tribune, From France football, From Gazette Dello Sport And you Vanito’s courier.

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