Frozen February, Siberian Fire… One Year 2021 Marked by Extreme Weather Chapters

Frozen February, Siberian Fire… One Year 2021 Marked by Extreme Weather Chapters

2021 pulls its bow With winter heat logs In France or Alaska. It was halted by deadly weather events such as floods in Germany and Belgium or a hot dome in the northwestern US in late June. These extreme events are becoming more regular and are expected to increase If the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, The World Meteorological Organization has warned. A look in the rearview mirror …

Frozen February from Texas to Yukon

February 11 to 17, Unprecedented cold hit Texas, In the United States, 125 people have been killed and millions are without electricity. The region averages 5.7 ° C at this time, but historically negative temperatures have been recorded in Austin (-13 ° C), Dallas (-15 ° C) and Amarillo (-23 C).

Picture taken in February 2021, Texas recorded negative temperatures.

In February 2021, Texas recorded negative temperatures. An episode with the nickname “icemaggedon”: 125 people died. © EPA-EFE // Ralph Lauer

In February 2021, the whole of North America will tremble under a combination of two cooling events: the equator, the La Nina current in the Pacific Ocean, and fog from the Arctic. Canada, which has been battered by severe winters, has experienced 225 cold spells in its territory, including -51.9 ° C in Wakwit (northwestern regions).

Lytton case, in Canada

The village is located in the Fraser Canyon area. Northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia, on June 29 it was 49.6 C. It is 24 degrees Celsius higher than normal and is currently the national record. The next day, a fire destroyed everything.

In November, atmospheric rivers from the Pacific Ocean spewed tons of water over Lytton’s ruins. This December 27th, some people were left to live with the record low temperature: -25.6 ° C in the same cursed year, hitting a historic range of 75.2 C.

British Columbia dries up, burns, sinks in rocks and debris – weather becomes catastrophic, The Canadian Meteorological Service concludes in its December report.

Photo The Dixie Mega-Fire debuted in California on July 13th and did not officially close until October 7th.  The second largest fire in the United States since the August 2020 campus © Reuters / David Swanson

The Dixie Mega-Fire debuted in California on July 13 and did not officially close until October 7. This is the second major fire in the US state since the August 2020 campus. © REUTERS / David Swanson

West and Siberian fires of the United States

The dome of heat with prolonged drought throughout California and Oregon in early summer. It is the largest wildfire in the history of the two states. The Dixie Mega Fire took place on July 13th And was not officially declared extinct until October 7: 390,000 hectares of smog, the second largest fire in California history since the August campus in 2020.

Summer in Siberia was also devastated by the monster fire. An area equal to the surface of Italy was burned. The haze traveled miles to the North Pole. This 2021 fire emits more carbon dioxide than Germany in a year.

Deadly flood everywhere

On July 14 and 15, it rained madly in northern Europe. The number of human beings is dramatic: More than 200 were killed in Germany, including 169 And 38 in Belgium. European Meteorological Services recorded frantic rainfall: 207 mm in nine hours, in Reifershade (Germany).

Photo July 17, A few days after torrential rain, the b265 motorway on erftstadt in Germany is still under water.  The summer floods of 2021 killed more than 200 people in northern Europe.  © epa-efev / ralph lauer

On July 17, a few days after the terrible rain, the B265 motorway in Erfstadt, Germany was still under water. The summer floods of 2021 killed more than 200 people in northern Europe. © EPA-EFEV / Ralph Lauer

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places in China. On July 22, provincial officials measured 365 mm of rainfall in 24 hours on Mount Chang, and 300 people died in the ensuing landslides. On the same day in July, 115 people died in the terrible monsoon rains in Maharashtra, off the east coast of India.

From July to November, most of South Sudan lived with its feet in the water. Worst flooding in 60 years; More than 800,000 people were displaced.

Burning August in Europe

August 11, An agro-meteorological station recorded 48.8 C in Sicily. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has not yet verified a provisional European record. On August 14, the city of Montoro – with 47.4 ° C – set a new national record for Spain, while the Madrilinians recorded their hottest day: 42.7 C. It rains at the summit in Greenland, The highest point of the ice (3,216 m).

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(Interview with Leonardo DiCaprio for the release of Don’t Loop Up: Cosmic Denial on Netflix. The killer comet is a metaphor for climate change)

A “normal” year for the climate

2021 bows with mild records: 16.9 ° C in Perpignan, France and 19.4 ° C on the island of Kodiak in Alaska. The last seven years are set to be the hottest seven years on record, Indicates WMO in its (provisional) report for 2021. Climate scientists have been warning of the effects of a greenhouse gas atmosphere since the 1980s. “It feels like being in a movie Do not look above: Denny Cosmic ( Currently On Netflix), I am frustrated that I have not been able to say it over and over again without being heard by world leaders. “ The American climate expert reacts Peter Kalmus, in a forum Defender.

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