Elon Musk knows when people will land on Mars

Elon Musk knows when people will land on Mars

Elon Musk In an interview with do he talked again about plans to send humans to Mars Podcast Lexa Friedmana. The host asked Musk to estimate how long it would take to reach the Red Planet. The answer is firm, but convincing.

“We will reach Mars in five years the best and in 10 years the worst,” Musk said.

What are Muskin’s ratings based on? First, in the work related to the development of the ship StarshipIt will take people to the red planet. There are small and big technical issues all the time because “Starship is the most complex and advanced rocket ever built.”

– The basic component of the starship optimization is to reduce the cost of one ton of payload launched into orbit and eventually one ton payload sent to the surface of Mars. Has a certain value, after which we can think about creating a self-sufficient city on Mars. At the moment, no one can fly there for even a trillion dollars – no amount will be enough to pay for a ticket to Mars, Musk added.

According to Musk, Creating the city of Mars Can be important to the life of mankind. He says the Earth will become “too hot to live on” in about 500 million years, but we should start to worry about that now – on one occasion. We must act because we are not sure how the earth will change in 100 or 200 years.

You need to keep in mind that SpaceX has been having serious problems lately Financial problems related to raptor machines (Driving Starship). Musk tweeted a while ago that the situation was “worse than it first appeared” and that the company was “facing a real risk of bankruptcy.”

Musk believes that TerraformovaniPreparing to colonize Mars by bombing its ice caps to warm up is important.

– Early life in glass domes. Ultimately terraforming the planet to sustain life and ensure it functions as it does on Earth. Teraforming is so slow that we can never finish it in our lifetime. However, we can establish a human base there while we are still alive. At least the future space civilization – discovering our ruins – will be inspired by the fact that humans have done this so far, Kasturi concluded.

Humans travel to Mars as planned by NASA Will not take place before 2033.The 40s of this century are the most realistic date.

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