Dictoc, Instagram, Zoom … What are the most downloaded mobile applications in the world by 2021?

Dictoc, Instagram, Zoom ... What are the most downloaded mobile applications in the world by 2021?

As of 2020, the social networking site TikTok will be the most downloaded processor in 2021 than Instagram and Facebook.

Dictoc, Instagram, Facebook … The three most downloaded applications in 2021 are social networks. Every year, the American company Apptopia publishes a ranking, which is far from the events.

It confirms the dominance of the Chinese social network, which was already the first step on the platform in 2020, and this year has become the most visited site in the world than Google. The information is marked “20 minutes”.

All three applications received 656 million, 545 million and 416 million downloads per year, respectively. Whatsapp ranks second with 600 million downloads in 2020 and fourth with 205 million fewer downloads in 2021.

Zoom in on the top 10 more

Next are Telegram (329 million), Snapshot (327 million), Zoom (300 million), Messenger (268 million), Capcut (255 million) and Spotify (203 million).

With 477 million downloads by 2020, the Zoom video conferencing meeting application lost two places, but topped the top 10, while rival Google Mead dropped out of it (192 million downloads identical), still marking the era. By telecommunications.

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