Sebastian Kurz joins Donald Trump's supporter's company

Sebastian Kurz joins Donald Trump’s supporter’s company

The former Austrian president has confirmed that he has accepted a position as strategic adviser at Silicon Valley President Peter Thiel’s investment firm.

This is a lightning fast retraining. Three weeks after leaving Austrian politics, former Conservative leader Sebastian Kurz found work in the United States. “He is preparing to become a strategic consultant at US investment firm Thiel Capital. Report Standard. The former president confirmed to the newspapers Cronen newspaper And Today. “

In Austria, the news caused a reaction: his new boss was none other than new technology mogul Peter Thiel. American, co – founder of PayPal and boss of data analysis company Palantir Technologies “Declared supporter of former President Donald Trump”.

“He is said to have backed far-right Republican candidates for millions of dollars. The left-wing Vienna newspaper promises. Trump personally thanked him at an event in 2016 and invited the investor ‘Exceptional person’.

Relationships that exist between each other

Sebastian Kurs and Peter Thiel know each other well. “At the beginning of the year, Thiel received the Frank-Shirmacher Prize [qui récompense les actions exceptionnelles en faveur de la compréhension de l’actualité], Confident Standard. On this occasion, he asked Kurs to deliver his speech.

The two met during a security conference in Munich in 2017. At the time, the Austrian curator posted a photo of their interview on Twitter, welcoming their discussions about the digital age.

Peter Thiel, born in Germany in 1967, is considered the most marked on the right. “In his book, monopolies are presented as a good thing, monarchies are described as efficient and technology entrepreneurs are described as very powerful”, Accurate Standard. His biographer, Max Soffkin, quoted in the Austrian newspaper, goes so far as to bring his views closer to fascism.


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