Late gift under the tree. Samsung is updating many phones and tablets on Android 12 –

Maybe Samsung wants to build it by the end of this year. The South Korean manufacturer is continuing updates on Android 12, which has hit multiple phones simultaneously over the past few days. After the Galaxy S21 series, this series reached the phones of last year and the previous year, and even the most powerful tablets are not saved by the update.

The update for the Galaxy Note20 Ultra appears to be slow in the Czech Republic, and the full Galaxy S20 series will be added soon. Updates on these phones have been launched in Switzerland, from where they will soon reach other areas. According to a previously published schedule, in the Czech Republic, these models should see the latest update for Android in January, and there are all indications that this update will reach phones very soon. Most surprisingly, Samsung began updating the Galaxy S10 two years ago, with the first updates ever landed in Germany, from where they should further spread around the world.

But back to the Czech Republic. Samsung is updating the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 + tablets in our lawns and gardens for the new Android. This is despite the fact that according to the schedule, the tablets did not receive an update until February. On the other hand, jigsaw puzzles in the Czech Republic are not so lucky, Foldy and Flipy still have to wait for the update.

The update of Android 12 brings a new extension called One One 4:

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