Which place in the American literary landscape is occupied by John Didian?

Which place in the American literary landscape is occupied by John Didian?

American author, novelist and journalist John Didian died a few days ago at the age of 87. Among other things, he is considered a pioneer of so-called “literature of truth” or “literary journalism.”

Which place in the American literary landscape is occupied by John Didian?

According to American literature professor Antoine Gass, John Didian’s work is very original because it is also known as the “New Magazine”. It’s not a movement, but a school that simultaneously owns journalism and literature, especially Tom Wolf or Hunter S. Conducted by Thomson and other writers of the 50s and 60s up to the 70s.

“John Didion was hung up on that movement, but I’m not completely aware that she’s a part of it. However, her status is very original, already, a woman, because it’s a movement associated with male writers. I would say less and more literature. “

“A Stylist” by John Didion. As a student, he decides to move to New York and begins writing for Vogue. As for Antoine Cazé, many people associate it with journalism, but it would be a mistake to borrow from reality in the article by John Didian and the so-called “comprehensive” writing. His essays are based on events that are considered bizarre because the writer had a taste for the strange. John Didion is actually anchored, but quickly moves away from the chronicle.

What did America say in its novels and chronicles?

John Didian came to write in the 60s, and he quickly became involved with the American anti-cultural world. She married writer John Gregory Dunn and became very popular in American society, had the opportunity to meet the iconic actors of this counter-culture and to receive various celebrities at her home in California.

John Didion wrote about this counter-culture in a completely original way, which, according to Antoine Gauss, is not holography, follow-up or over-criticism. However, she found something dark and negative in it.

“I think she’s a moralist at first. In the documentary her son – in – law dedicated to her, we see her talking about the Manson affair and a very dark turning point in this counter – culture. Suddenly a ditch, a ditch opens. . “

John Didion was originally from Sacramento, California, and was the heir to a family that survived the tragic journey of the “Toner Party”, a group of pioneers, some of whom died during the voyage and others were left behind.

“In this article on morality, John Didian talks about the darkest part of his story and begins with the following story: On the side of the road, a body was recovered from the mountains, and a nurse was taken there.

John Didian received a medical gift in France, but how is it considered in the United States?

Some well-known writers today recognize the influence that John Didion had on their writing, especially through this documentary realism, this uncompromising view of the contemporary world. According to Antoine Cazé it is important to read today for its contribution to this analysis of the 60s and 70s.

John Didion is considered an extraordinary “stylist” because his novels are short and he worked every sentence precisely.

– “I think the basis of his work comes from the time he worked at Vogue. In her early days she had a teacher, she was absolutely strong, so she learned that every comma is important. She learned to write concisely, and it is true that there is an impact on her writing. Each time, she introduces the theme of an article in a completely unexpected way: a story we never saw coming. I think this choice will be a condition for a chisel writing that will go directly to the bone of the story and drop all the flesh to create an idea, a theme. This is what is significant in his writing. “

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