Three reasons to look at this great adaptation of the video game

Three reasons to look at this great adaptation of the video game

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, directed by Rob Letterman (Shark Gang…), first aired clearly on TF1. Good entertainment for all visitors, young and old, Pokemon fans or not!

Picca Picca! After video games, animated series, manga and many other derivative productions released by Nintendo in the mid-1990s, the Japanese company recognized an American studio – Warner in this case – to create its most lucrative cinematography adventure. In fact, after more than 20 animated films since 1998 (!), Pokemon: Detective Pikachu It is the first film of the famous license to mix animation and real scenes. A true planetary event (the number of fans around the world can not be counted, including singer Hoshi), the Pokemon world is made up of more than 900 small creatures. But if you are a layman, do not be afraid! This highly successful blockbuster makes this universe understandable and accessible to all.

An elegant display

If the plot of the film is inspired by the video game released for Nintendo 3DS in 2016, the story will be much smarter than it appears. Although for children and teenagers, this hobby has a very complex plot, with many surprises and twists. It takes place in the future metropolis of Rhyme City, where humans and Pokமொmon live in harmony. We follow a young student named Justice Smith, who, after the mysterious disappearance of his police father, tries to find him with the help of his ex-teammate: Picasso, a little canary yellow silk, gifted with words and addicted to caffeine (she voiced Ryan Reynolds in the original. ) A character who is funny, smart and talkative at the same time!

Stunning special effects

Graphically, the film is a technological breakthrough. The photorealistic rendering and structure of the Pokemon are truly as fantastic as Cabbage Picchu’s fur. About sixty creatures appear on screen and happily mix with the real cast. Among them, the cytak (duck Pokemon), the pink rondo ball and the legendary mewtvo, a genetically modified animal, are halfway between the cat and the jerkin. In short, this family film is elegant and full of humor. Thirty-year-old geeks who discovered the epic in the 1990s will discover it with nostalgia for the director’s visual prowess. Shark gang And Aliens vs. Monsters, Rob Letterman. Pokemon Go!

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